What is LBBA ?

Welcome to the Luxembourg Basketball Academy, where hard work will pay off more than ever! At LBBA it’s not only about what you do but it is about how and why you do it! Basketball can be taught. Coaches at LBBA will systematically tell you what to do, show you how to do it and explain you why you do it. Understand the game (the why), strive for perfection (the how), play basketball (the what) !

A team’s main objective will always be winning the games. Our key objective at LBBA will first of all consist in the development of our players. Here at the Luxembourg Basketball Academy, full attention will be given to everyone of our athletes as we will highlight each player’s strengths and correct his weaknesses.

The goal of the Luxembourg Basketball Academy is to allow young talents to develop their basketball skills, improve their physical capacities as well as strengthen their mental abilities in order to help them reach the next level. Some might just want to substantially improve their game, some might wish to join a College or High School basketball team as other may want to become top professional players. Whatever your ambitions may be, LBBA will assist you towards achieving those goals. If you are a highly motivated young player and ready to work hard, LBBA is the right place for you!