LBBA Development Program (DP)

By focusing on the individual player, creating a comprehensive training program, LBBA will highlight your strengths and correct your weaknesses.
The Academy offers an intense seven months development basketball program for young talented basketball players from age 16. Players from all over the world can join the Luxembourg Basketball Academy but the number of available spots is limited as we really want to focus on each individual player’s development.

You will practice twice a day like a pro, including on-the-court basketball practice as well as of-the-court conditioning and physical strength workouts, with professional coaches focusing on improving and developing your individual skills. In order to sustain that work pace, LBBA carries great importance to nutrition and thus each player will be sensitized and educated on nutritional issues.
Whatever your ambitions may be, LBBA will assist you towards achieving those goals :

• If you wish to join a good US or Canadian college (NCAA1, NCAA2, CIS...), LBBA will help you reach the necessary basketball level as well as provide you with all information and advice about how to best prepare for college admission. Thus, you will be able to take all necessary tests as ACT / SAT and TOEFL during your stay at the Academy, as well as English lessons if necessary. We will increase your scholarship opportunities through providing you the necessary exposure to college coaches.

• If you wish to become a professional player, LBBA will provide you widespread exposure as ideally located in the heart of Europe, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, three top countries for western basketball. You will be seen by professional agents, coaches and teams at our regular games as well as at some international tournaments.

• If you just want to tremendously develop your individual skills for any reason (for example in order to reach a better league or to make it to the first team etc.), LBBA will offer you the chance to learn from our professional coaches, that will be totally devoted to your individual improvement.

Note: Our 7 months Development Program is the best suited program in order to start a pro career.