At LBBA you will practice twice a day like a professional player, including on-the-court basketball practices as well as of-the-court conditioning and physical strength workouts, with professional coaches focusing on improving and developing your individual skills.

Great importance will be given to individual work :

• Small groups workouts
• Covering fundamentals
• Position specific exercises
• Large repetition until automation
• Focusing on details
• Improving individual technique and tactic
• …and much more !

Individual practice is very useful and necessary for players of all ages, especially for young players that want to improve their game enormously and this is the best way to become a top basketball player.

In order to become a complete athlete, we will as well cover conditioning and physical strength workouts with the ball in the basketball gym, or without the ball on the athletic stadium or in the weights room. As every player has some different needs in terms of physical development, an individualized workout program will be developed for each player, mainly focusing on :

• Speed
• Endurance
• Strength
• Agility
• Control
• Explosiveness
• Etc.

Our coaches at LBBA will not only help you improve your individual skills but they will make you a better, more accomplished player that knows how to take advantage of his abilities in a real game situation. Thus, a lot of importance will also be given to collective practices, regular games and international tournaments. We will offer you the ideal balance between individual workouts and collective practices so that you will recognize how to best make use of your skills in a complete game.